Saturday, November 28, 2015


Justin's angelic face very accurately reflects his immense goodness and kindness. He wants everyone around him to be just as happy as he is.

Justin is young-at-heart at 11 years of age.  He's a Retriever mix, neutered boy.
He's asking for a hero and awaiting adoption at Nevada SPCA. 
Justin is sporty and eager to be at your side, but content to share quiet moments of devotion too. 
It seems he needs a one-dog household.

We've never known what being loved feels like.



Crystal, Norma, and Stephen are three of six dogs confiscated from the abandoned home of a suspected backyard breeder. 
These three debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA and the remaining three will be ready too in the days to come.

All six were the victims of unconscionable neglect. They are equally surprised and afraid to receive attention and loving care. 

They need heroes who will be patient with them and committed to helping them reach their full loving potentials in stable and compassionate homes.

Crystal is a Toy & Terrier mix, spayed girl, 3 years young.

Norma is a Toy Poodle, spayed girl, 7 years of age.  Norma is mostly blind, so please take very thorough safety precautions for her in your home and yard.

Stephen is a Toy & Terrier mix, neutered boy, 4 years of age.


Georgia would love to become the baby sister to a friendly and lonely adult cat. 

She likes wrestling and cuddling with other felines. Georgia adores people too and appreciates every new toy you give her. 

She is a gorgeous blue-grey longhair kitten, 7 months of age, now spayed and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.  Please kitten-proof your home for her safety.


Wyatt is an affectionate, social youngster debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

He is a Miniature Poodle mix, 3 years of age and neutered, and great with other friendly dogs. 

Wyatt likes to be included and he's happy when he gets to join you for daily adventures. 

He was found on the streets with no sign of responsible ownership (no ID tag, no microchip ID, not neutered).


Damon asks for a peaceful and very stable home, free of violence or screaming. He is recovering from abuse and neglect. 

Damon is an American Eskimo Dog, 7 years of age and neutered, good with other dogs, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

We rescued Damon from another shelter that asked for our help due to his fear of people. 

Please help find a hero for Damon.


Mary is 1 of 15 rescued kittens ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA, as well as more than 100 sweet adults cats of all ages and personality types.

Mary is a bashful Ragdoll and lynx point Siamese mix kitten, 3 months of age and spayed.  Please kitten-proof your home for her safety.
She loves playing with other cats and warms to people who are gentle with her. 
A calm home environment is likely ideal for Mary.


Beowulf gets mesmerized by his toys. When he is too tired to play with them any longer, he'll cuddle them and fall asleep.

Beowulf also adores people and other cats. 
He is a cute orange tabby kitten, 3 months of age, now neutered and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.  Please kitten-proof your home for his safety.
Beowulf needed us because one of his previous owners was allergic to him.